GST Digital

GST Digital provides an end to end automation solution for your sales and purchase process.

The application provides user B2C solution covering the following areas

Creation of digital E-Invoice Send invoice directly to customer
Create invoice with cloning option Create credit note
Create debit note Use dynamic QR code for payment


The application will provide invoicing solutions for your business to business (B2B) needs as per GST E-Invoice guidelines and provide the data for preparation of your sales register which will help in GST return filing

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Digital Tracker

Rapidigital Services Private Limited provides one stop solution for managing your daily, weekly, yearly tasks and projects in efficient and effective manner.

This platform allows users to create their own industry specific customised projects tracker solutions with features like reminders, alerts, collaboration, workflow, reportings and Document Management System.

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QR Code Solutions

Rapidigital Services Private Limited provides digital solution of varied kinds for all different industries using QR code solution.

QR codes can help in making your business progressive towards the eco-friendly, reusability and sustainablity by reduction in carbon footprint.

It enhances marketing campaigns by allowing users to reach, engage and convert a wider target audience by linking from offline to online platforms using digital transformation.

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