Process Optimization

Major companies focuses on increasing revenue and building robust top lines. However, operational inefficiencies and manual processes results in narrow bottom line and compressed margins.

Our team of experts analyze the company business holistically and identify the areas of optimizations by providing guidance on the operational processes improvements to increase efficiency and productivity thereby increasing the margins and profits for the organizations.

Application Development

Majority of organizations focuses on tailored customize soluions for their organization to increase effciency and productivity. They require specific, reliable and sustainable solutions from their partners to cater to the needs.

Our team perform proper business requirement analysis and provide custom design in agile manner which includes website development, application development, product development and integration solutions.

Business and Management consultation

Our team can provide solutions in various business and management aspects of the organization comprising of purchase, inventory, supply chain, operations, sales, marketing, distribution, logistics and customer support enhancing the value chain of the business in specific sector.

We suggest ways to maximize profits in sustainable manner through various ways including expanding business by market segmentation, operational excellence, customer satisfaction etc.

Digital Transformation

Our team provide solutions to convert mundane tasks and ideas into digital transformation solutions to automate processess by improving efficiency and optimsation of resources.

Our team analyze the organization's businesses holistically and identify the gaps and area of improvements. Through the team of digital experts we visualize and fill the gaps by automation using new cutting edge technology.

Solution Offerings

Health Care

• Generation of unique encoded and secured QR code using Patient Information maintained in the hospital systems.
• Patient subsequently visiting the hospital will present their QR code at reception and an entry will be made regarding their visit.
• The synopsis and prescriptions in the form of new QR code will be shared with the patients via various file sharing mechanism.
• The history of the patient will be stored in a Document Management System, and can be viewed in the link provided in the QR code.
• The process will reduce and eventually completely remove the paperwork and make it digital.
• Due to password protection and encoded unique QR code after every visit, the data will be secured and available with patient and hospitals at all the time.
• Quick and hassle free access, retrieval of patient data in secured manner.

Real Estates

• Give your buyers a property tour
• Generate more leads
• Share the location of the property
• Provide property information
• Share property listing
• Spread a word about your business
• Provide legal contents via PDF

Hospitality Industry

• Reduce communication errors— The customers can orders themselves, which helps operational efficiencies. The QR code can be saved on phone and is easily accessible using smart phones.
• Engage customers - Other activities e.g. “sign up for a newsletter”, coupons etc can be offered to customers.
• Support Social Distancing—Demonstrating concern for customers well-being.
• Support touch-less payments — Reducing any physical contact with staff and providing a quick payment option. Plus, this helps turn over tables faster for the restaurant (and allows more time for cleaning).
• Reduce printing costs - Dynamic QR codes can be changed and prices of items in the menu can be easily changed without any additional cost
• QR Codes as Menus - Restaurants utilize QR codes as a way to limit or eliminate paper menus. The QR code can take the customers to standard PDF or website menu.